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Minibus Options (MOL) recognises the importance that the quality of our service has to the future of our business. It is the policy of MOL that all of our activities are carried out in accordance with our quality system, which is working towards international standard IS09001:2015.

The scope of the quality system is: The sale and contract hire of minibuses and the provision of specialist parts and ancillary equipment.

The aim of our quality system is to ensure that:
• We comply with legal and statutory requirements.
• We meet our contractual requirements with customers.
• We meet our regulatory requirements with DVSA, DfT and HSE
• We identify and deliver a quality service to maintain excellent relationships with our customers.
• We evaluate the needs of “interested parties” including, staff, customers, suppliers
• All work is carried out consistently to a defined standard that is measured through our quality objectives.
• We have the skills and resources to fulfil our customer requirements.
• All activities support the strategic plans of the business.
• We strive to continuously improve our systems and procedures.
• We only use suppliers that meet our own quality standards.
• Any complaints are dealt with efficiently and within an acceptable time period.

All services will be defined by our Quality Procedures (QPs) which are clearly defined, regularly amended and kept up-to-date. QPs will be internally quality assured by observation, feedback, verification, documentation completion, and performance data. MOL will retain documented information to demonstrate that the quality system is effective.

Quality objectives are based on the main risks to the business including: achieving sales targets, customer satisfaction, maintaining OE manufacturer approval. We will take rigorous action to improve.

Top management will demonstrate full commitment through annual self-assessment. Top management will support the use of Quality objectives and ensure the quality system is accessible to all staff and achieves the intended results of the business.

Following annual self-assessment, an improvement plan will be developed to address weaknesses,
promote satisfactory points and strengths. Regularly monitoring the improvement plan will maintain strengths whilst improving the provision in a planned way.

An audit timetable is in place to monitor the implementation of the quality system. This will also include a review of the procedures to ensure these meet the needs of our customers.

This quality policy statement has been authorised by top management and will be reviewed at regular

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