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In 1986 Steve Moore launched Minibus Options from his home office in Bollington. Having worked as Sales Manager for an Ambulance manufacturer Steve identified a need for Charities to be able to procure quality custom built minibuses, a need which was not being fulfilled by the manufacturers of the day.

Buyers Guide

Buyers guide introduction

Welcome to the Minibus Options Buyers Guide, which provides a simple way to configure the perfect vehicle for your organisation. Whether you are a school, community transport operator, care home, outreach unit, patient transport service, special needs transport or commercial passenger transport, Minibus Options can help you design a vehicle to meet the specific needs …

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How to use this guide

We understand that the most important consideration when specifying a custom built minibus is to ensure the safety and convenience of your passengers. Whilst this is an aim shared by most of our customers, there are myriad ways to achieve it. The sheer number of options on offer can seem overwhelming so, to help to …

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L4H2X2 vehicle size

Vehicle types

There are many different sizes of vehicles available.
This article will help you decide which vehicle is the right size for you.

Wheelchair ramp


On a minibus, access is provided via both the side and rear entrances. For each, there are options to consider:– At the side entrance, different doors, steps and handrail arrangements may be specified.– At the rear entrance, wheelchair access options are available in the form of ramps and tail lifts with many options to choose …

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The downside is loss of use of the door and reduced saloon accessibility for the driver

Front end variations

Access to the main passenger area (the vehicle saloon) can be configured in several ways to take into account everything from the mobility of the passengers to the need for luggage stowage. Usually, the sliding side door is the main entrance, though on some base vehicles, the cab entry door can be used. Some customers …

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Underfloor Lift

Wheelchair Access

This section explores the benefits and drawbacks of ramps versus tail lifts, the main subtypes of each, the situations when one might be more suitable than the other and the factors to consider when selecting from the available options. Wheelchair Ramps If the base vehicle is a front-wheel-drive vehicle with a low loading height, it …

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Semi-high back seat, trimmed in cloth and vinyl, twin grab headrest


Once on board, all minibus passengers will be accommodated either in a seat or in their wheelchair, the latter in a space with a relative safety restraint. This section outlines the basic specifications for seats and wheelchairs alike, as well as the myriad options on offer to improve comfort, accessibility, aesthetics and safety. It also …

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Semi-high back seat, trimmed in cloth, twin grab headrest


There are many styles of saloon seat, from a selection of manufacturers. A large number are on display in our showroom.The seat choices offer different heights of backrest, cushion widths, and varying depths of contour.The saloon seats may be trimmed in cloth, to match the drivers seat, or vinyl to colour choice. A popular option …

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.... the seat can be tilted back on to its wheels and moved or taken out

Removable Seating

The advent of seat tracking systems has brought with it great fl exibility in the way in which vehicle operators can specify and configure seating patterns. Instead of passengers having to adapt to a seating layout, the seating can be matched to their needs, whether in terms of legroom or the number of seats being …

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Tip and fold seating

Tip and fold seating

There are several designs of ‘tip and fold’ seat, which in some configurations will allow the rear part of the saloon to be converted into wheelchair space without the need to remove seats from the vehicle.With the design shown below, the operator lifts the seat squab upwards to sit flat against the backrest, and then …

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The front webbing straps are fixed, and secure the wheelchair

Wheelchair restraints

Any wheelchair and its occupant must be securely restrained.There are many systems available though most are a variation on a four-point webbing system. There are a number of “backrest” or “rear-locking” systems, however due to their size do not suit most minibus applications.Not all restraints are suitable for all designs of wheelchair, and some will …

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Seat with armrest


Comfort on a minibus can be addressed in a variety of ways. Wider seating trimmed in the right material, a properly restrained wheelchair and a suitable passenger restraint all count towards making a passenger more comfortable. These aspects should be considered when specifying seat types and wheelchair provision. One of the key areas to providing …

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There are a number of options for additional air conditioning


One of the key areas to providing Comfort on a minibus is providing ventilation and a means of controlling the temperature.Ventilation on a minibus is provided by opening windows and roof vents. There is no minimum standard for ventilation and soon a basic minibus only the cab windows provide any circulation of air. For many …

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Full racking systems may be good for sports teams and schools


At Minibus Options, we’ve engineered some solutions to very specific stowage requests – including bicycles.In any vehicle, ensuring the secure stowage of luggage, restraint systems and any special luggage such as sports equipment isvital; apart from the obvious need for clear gangways, such objects can become missiles in the event of a collision. There are …

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Minibus finance options

A choice about funding a vehicle should be made separately to the vehicle itself. It is better to hand a detailed minibus specification to a finance provider and ask for figures based on your choices to make sure that the end product is based on your requirements, rather than a loose interpretation. Engaging with Minibus …

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