Most schools minibus requirements can be accommodated with an “off the shelf” minibus such as the Ford Transit, or a Peugeot Boxer from one of the high volume vehicle producers. The schools market is hotly contested with both manufacturers and resellers targeting School Bursors with cheap leasing offers. Whilst this is often beneficial to a …

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Charity Buyers

Whether you are a small band of volunteers or a large corporate styled charity, the ultimate aim for a procurement strategy will be to secure the best value from your purchase. Best value for a minibus means a product which meets its purpose, is built to a standard which ensures longevity and is supported in …

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Local Authority

The Governments Road to Zero Strategy is changing Local Authorities approach to vehicle acquisition. Whilst some Fleet Managers have been working towards a greener fleet for some years, the central Government strategy has galvanised the movement towards Hybrid and Zero Emission vehicles. Working with manufacturers as an Accredited converter Minibus Options is at the forefront …

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Electric introduction

From our initial all electric model developed in conjunction with Renault Trucks in 2019, we go in to 2021 with several manufacturer’s hybrid & electric vehicles now available to offer as specialist passenger vehicles. These include Renault Trucks, Renault UK, Vauxhall Motors, Ford, Fiat Professional, Peugeot, Mercedes and Maxus UK. With capacities from 5 to …

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Saloon length Interior height Interior width External width External Length External height 3494 1886 1784 2474 5981 2541 All measurements in Milimeters (mm)

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