Minibus Accreditation - Fully accredited minibus converters

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To achieve accreditation from a base vehicle manufacturer, the company must prove it's manufacturing capabilities, provide excellent customer service, be of sound financial standing and have indepth product knowledge.
There are only a small number of converters who meet their exacting standards. Minibus Options is one them.

Minibus Options are accredited by Fiat, Iveco, Renault, Vauxhall and Volkswagen

I addition to our accreditation, we meet the highest standards to satisfy and frequently exceed very stringent Health, Safety and Insurance requirements.

We adhere to British standards - Our quality systems meet ISO 9001:2008. Our certificate number is FS31708.

When purchasing your minibus, we recommend that you source your vehicle from a convertor who holds accreditation from at least one major base vehicle manufacturer.

Manufacturer approval means that our quality and standards have been rigorously checked and assessed.

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