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This morning we received a lovely gesture in the form of a postcard from one of our customers who recently visited our showroom for a bespoke minibus specification & have written to express their excitement over the new wheelchair accessible minibus.

“Dear Steve and all of the team,

I would just like to thank you all for our splendid new minibus. My Chief Officer and myself had no experience, as you could probably tell, in how to go about buying a new bus. You have all been so helpful, professional and patient with us throughout the whole process. Our visit to see you with our party of volunteers and service users was invaluable and those chocolate biscuits were fab! The volunteers and clients all think that the new bus is brilliant and a list has already been started for what they want on the next one, so it looks like we will be getting in touch with you in the future, So, my thanks and very best wishes to you all.


If you're a registered charity then please visit our Travel Assistance page for more details.

Minibus Options Testimonial

We’re delighted to congratulate Badenoch & Strathspey Community Transport Company (BSCTC) on becoming our 5th community transport group to receive our £100 contribution towards their organisation.

BSCTC were awarded the prize due to the incredible service they have provided to their local community since 1997.

They are recognised as one of the most successful community transport schemes throughout the whole of Scotland which is “run by the community, for the community”. Throughout 2016 alone they were awarded 6 individual awards for their outstanding work and dedication to the community.

BSCTC provide many different transport schemes for passengers to choose from including their community car scheme which is said to serve around 1,550 clients, with the help of 170 dedicated volunteers & 10 telephonists who keep the minibuses and cars filled up to complete around 6000 journeys each year. They have wheelchair accessible options to suit everybody’s individual needs enabling the entire community to get and about and see the Highlands in their full beauty.

The list of awards Badenoch & Strathspey CTC collected in 2016:

Highland Third Sector Interface (HTSI)
• Volunteer of the Year 2016
• Outstanding Achievement Award 2016

Age Scotland
• Volunteer of the Year 2016

Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance
• Individual Achievement Award 2016

Moray Firth Radio
• Volunteer of the Year Award 2016

Scotland’s Dementia Awards
• Best Community Support Initiative 2016

Being recognised by the community and other organisations in your local area just goes to show that providing a caring and consistent service really does make your service shine brighter than the rest.

We are delighted to announce BSCTC as our 5th CT Superhero as their commitment to the community around them has enabled their passengers to keep their independence and allow them to socially interact keeping a smile on their faces.

Keep up the great work BSCTC!

CT Superhero

We can happily announce the delivery of Reeth and District Community Transport’s new Renault Master (or should we say Daffodil) on behalf of the Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund Round 1. Daffodil will help to provide the residents in their surrounding areas with a demand responsive service which benefits many local people on a day-to-day basis. We hope you enjoy it!

Reeth and District Community Transport

We’d like to congratulate CT Sussex on becoming our 4th CT Superhero because of the wonderful photos and stories they sent it of the work they do on a daily basis, their work has benefited many people in their local community including Joan & Chris, who have written a lovely piece about how reliant they are on this invaluable service. Have a read below about the spirit of community transport services.

After 28 years driving buses on our public transport system, my work for CT Sussex in Horsham enables me to carry on being active and meeting new people in my retirement. I especially appreciate the warm welcome and thanks that I always get from the visitors and staff at our local adult social care centre, which is one of my regular routes.

I started my employment with Crawley Community Transport as a school escort just over 8 years ago, and also started working in the office and became Depot Manager last year. This is a very rewarding role although some days it can also be a little bit challenging but this only makes the job more interesting.
Depot Manager is a role which I particularly enjoy as it is good to be involved with all aspects of the Community Transport Service, in particular the interaction with the clients who use our service is always a pleasure, and it is good to know that they value our service and that we are benefiting the local community.
Working as part of a team with all the other staff, drivers, escorts and office staff make coming into work each day a delight.

Joan & Chris:
We have used Dial-A-Ride since the first day it started. Joan is registered severely disabled, hence the importance of the service offered. Dial-A-Ride is a godsend; it enables us to get shopping and other visits. The drivers are always helpful come rain or shine. In fact we would be lost without the service. We look forward each day as we can get out and see friends and get us out of the house. We will always use the service as long as it is there. When the weather improves we would like to go to Horsham or Nymans, how about trying some trips in the summer. We have no complaints as we have always had great help. Diane has been eager to this cause. Dial-A-Ride is vital to us and this we are grateful for.

We are delighted to announce CT Sussex as our 4th CT Superhero due to their involvement and continued commitment to their community which benefits many people who would have no other means of transport.

Keep up the great work CT Sussex!

CT Sussex are our 4th CT Superhero

We’re delighted to announce that Lydney Dial-a-Ride have today become our 3rd organisation to be crowned a CT Superhero, which will see them receive a £100 contribution thanks to Will, one of their drivers who always goes the extra mile to make passengers feel safe and well looked after.

Lydney Dial-a-Ride have been around in their community for over 30 years, providing a friendly door to door transport service for those who don’t have access to their own car or are unable to use public transport. The service which Lydney Dial-a-Ride provide connects passengers from all over the place including surrounding villages such as Coleford, Cinderford and many more in the Forest of Dean area.

Lydney Dial-a-Ride also provide rural bus routes that run just like public transport services which enable rural communities to access local shops, cafes and health services. The routes of this service don’t only help to connect communities but also provide the opportunity to travel further afield to neighbouring cities such as Gloucester.

Lydney Dial-a-Ride have a very special set of volunteers in their group which is why they entered Will into the CT Superhero competition, because they know that the support and friendliness of these volunteers means everything to the residents of these villages.

We are very happy to announce Lydney Dial-a-Ride as our 3rd CT Superhero due to the commitment shown to their community over the past 30 years, which in turn has helped many residents keep their independence.

Keep up the great work Lydney Dial-a-Ride!

Read more about their driver Will on the CT Superheroes website.

Lydney Dial-a-Ride

We’d like to congratulate Community Transport for the Lewes Area (CTLA) on becoming our 2nd organisation to receive our £100 contribution, with their incredible story about volunteer driver Laurence Wickens, who noticed something was wrong when a regular user of the charity buses wasn’t waiting in her usual spot.

Community Transport for the Lewes Area has over 20 years’ experience serving their community and have recently been recognised for their outstanding service by being named winners of the Seahaven Business Awards 2017 – Presidents Award for Best Business in the Community, which in itself is an amazing achievement and goes to show that providing a caring and consistent service to your local community really does make your service shine brighter than the rest.

CTLA have many great schemes running at the same time as their Dial-a-Ride service, such as ‘Travel Club’ which brings interesting and entertaining opportunities to their members including trips to gardening centres, coffee shops, cultural centres and even to the cinema! They have formed alliances with surrounding towns and villages to make the service accessible for as many residents as possible, so everybody in the community can have the same opportunity of doing the activities they love, which is what community transport is all about.

Not only do they provide transport for elderly residents, but run ‘Community Group Hire’, which allows charities, social enterprises, schools and support groups to use their vehicles to help overcome transport barriers which are too expensive for each group to maintain by themselves. CTLA currently have over 300 not-for-profit organisations currently registered who all can benefit from the accessible transport solutions.

We are more than happy to announce CTLA as our 2nd CT Superhero due to their commitment to the community and all of their hard work which goes in to providing these accessible services for residents who wouldn’t have any other means of transport if it weren’t for groups like themselves.

Keep up the great work CTLA!

Head over to the CT Superhero website to read the full story of Laurence and his heroic actions.

CT Superhero

Richmond and Kingston Accessible Transport (RAKAT) are the 1st organisation to receive our £100 contribution, with their great picture which they sent in of 73 year old volunteer driver Patricia Wilkinson.

RAKAT are an organisation based in Richmond and Kingston, Surrey, who over their 20 years of operation have accumulated a total of 27 minibuses, of which 18 are accessible, incorporating lifts and low floor steps to support elderly passengers.

From the beginning RAKATs aims have been to provide group transport provision for other community and voluntary organisations in their local borough. This has very much stayed true through the years and they are now looking at continuing the development of the local transport infrastructure by working in partnership with other transport providers such as Transport for London and Dial-a-Ride schemes, which in turn enables more journeys to be completed and a more responsive community led service in their area.

One of the partnerships which have been formed is with Hampton and Hampton Hill Voluntary Care, who have been operating in the area since 1974.

Their aim is to provide help and support to those in need which bodes well with both organisations and a partnership known as the, Hampton Enterprise Project was formed. The project incorporates a voluntary care scheme, shopping bus, a Plus Bus service and Dial-a-Ride services which offer door to door transport for the elderly and those with disabilities for whom conventional transport provision is inaccessible.

Not only do RAKAT help with transport for elderly residents, but provide a Driver Training Department which trains and assesses potential drivers to the nationally recognised MIDAS standard. This scheme has been developed in conjunction with the Community Transport Association and has helped train over 500 drivers to MIDAS standards, ensuring the safety of their passengers.

We are delighted to announce Richmond and Kingston Accessible Transport as our 1st winners because of their amazing commitment to their community and the residents within who we’re sure are highly appreciative.

We are pleased to announce the delivery of Winchester Community Transport’s brand new Peugeot Boxer on behalf of the Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund. Their new minibus will allow this great organisation to carry on providing the residents of Winchester with an affordable means of transport straight from their front door.

Winchester Community Transport receive their new accessible minibus

To create the secure, durable and rigid vehicle which our client was asking for we decided to try something different from anything we've done before.

To start we used a product known as Speedliner which increases the durability and strength of the interior shell so that any damage caused would be kept to a bare minimum and would be durable enough to last throughout it's lifetime as a prisoner transfer vehicle. But also if any fluids or mess was created this would then be a simple task of just wiping the contents off due to the easy-wipe texture which this product offers.

We then included a reinforced bulkhead to make it impossible for any passenger to gain access to the cab whilst travelling on the vehicle and to give staff members an extra sense of security.

To keep passengers comfortable we decided to include Phoenix Blenheim seats trimmed in Vinyl so that the seats are able to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Finally, to allow wheelchair access on to the vehicle we installed an internal tail-lift by BraunAbility.

HMP receive new Prisoner Transfer Vehicle

We are pleased to announce the delivery of East Yorkshire Community Transports new minibus on behalf of the Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund. Their brand new Mercedes Sprinter will hit the roads of East Yorkshire to provide a vital link that connects many disadvantaged and geographically isolated people to the services and facilities they need.

East Yorkshire CT's stunning Mercedes Sprinter

We took out the Vauxhall Movano a few weeks ago to see how it handles in the snowy hills before we delivered it to our customer in Inverness. We can safely say the Movano was built to withstand conditions and breezed through the snow and made it look like a piece of cake!

Vauxhall Movano

We can happily announce another delivery on behalf of the Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund. Hinckley & Bosworth Community Transport have received their brand new Mercedes Benz Sprinter accessible minibus. The new addition will help this great organisation to continue providing support to the elderly residents in their community. Their daily schedule consists of trips to the hospital (to make sure residents don’t miss their appointments), visiting shops and transporting passengers to social activities. Keep up the great work! #ctminibusfund

Hinckley & Bosworth Community Transport

We are glad to announce the delivery of Lothian Community Transport Services’ accessible minibus. Their brand new Peugeot Boxer will help expand the organisations current fleet which is one of the oldest community transport projects in the UK and will help them to keep providing a high quality, accessible and affordable minibus hire to not-for-profit organisations in Edinburgh and Midlothian.

We hope you enjoy it! #CommunityTransport #ctminibusfund

Lothian Community Transport receive their new accessible Peugeot Boxer

Delighted to announce the welcomed delivery of Chain-Care in Hungerford’s Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund Mercedes Sprinter, which will hit the roads of Hungerford to keep providing residents with transport to medical appointments, lunch clubs, shops and on outings around their local area. Keep up the great work!

Chain-Care in Hungerford's brand new Mercedes Sprinter

We can happily announce the delivery of Age UK Selby’s brand new Mercedes Benz Sprinter minibus on behalf of the Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund. Their new minibus will allow this great charity to keep on providing vital services to the local elderly residents which will help to provide support, services, advice and information. Keep up the great work!

Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund

We can happily announce the much welcomed delivery of Community Transport in Tower Hamlets’ accessible minibus on behalf of the Department for Transport Community Minibus fund. Their new Fiat Ducato will expand this organisation’s current fleet and allow people the opportunity to carry on providing a range of services which span from assisting people with learning and/or physical disabilities, providing social care for the elderly and giving people the opportunity to take part in leisure and sports activities. #ctminibusfund

Tower Hamlets CT post

We were delighted to announce the delivery of St Helens Community Transport’s Volkswagen Crafter accessible minibus on behalf of the Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund. The SCT are involved in many different initiatives and operate a number of projects including Special Needs School Contracts, United Reform Fellowship and Gabriel Care shopping shuttle. Keep up the great work!

St Helens Community Transport Handover

We’re happy to announce the delivery of East Hull Community Transport’s Mercedes Benz Sprinter accessible minibus on behalf of the Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund. The minibus will add to their existing fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles, meaning residents have a way of attending appointments at hospitals, doctors & dentists. But more importantly it is a service which allows people to keep in touch with friends and family whilst having a trip down to the shops.
We hope you enjoy it!

Community Minibus Fund

We are happy to announce the delivery of Age Concern Chalgrove’s brand new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter accessible minibus as part of the Department for Transport Community Minibus fund. The minibus will play a crucial role in being able to transport less mobile elderly residents to and from the village hall, race days and other outings which this wonderful club arrange. We hope they enjoy it!

Wheelchair Accessible Minibus handover post

Community Transport 17 has recently received the keys to their new minibus as part of the Department for Transport Community Minibus Fund. They are an organisation based in Sheffield which allows elderly and disabled residents to move about their local area with little hassle. #ctminibusfund