Happy to announce our 3rd CT Superhero is Lydney Dial-a-Ride!

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We’re delighted to announce that Lydney Dial-a-Ride have today become our 3rd organisation to be crowned a CT Superhero, which will see them receive a £100 contribution thanks to Will, one of their drivers who always goes the extra mile to make passengers feel safe and well looked after.

Lydney Dial-a-Ride have been around in their community for over 30 years, providing a friendly door to door transport service for those who don’t have access to their own car or are unable to use public transport. The service which Lydney Dial-a-Ride provide connects passengers from all over the place including surrounding villages such as Coleford, Cinderford and many more in the Forest of Dean area.

Lydney Dial-a-Ride also provide rural bus routes that run just like public transport services which enable rural communities to access local shops, cafes and health services. The routes of this service don’t only help to connect communities but also provide the opportunity to travel further afield to neighbouring cities such as Gloucester.

Lydney Dial-a-Ride have a very special set of volunteers in their group which is why they entered Will into the CT Superhero competition, because they know that the support and friendliness of these volunteers means everything to the residents of these villages.

We are very happy to announce Lydney Dial-a-Ride as our 3rd CT Superhero due to the commitment shown to their community over the past 30 years, which in turn has helped many residents keep their independence.

Keep up the great work Lydney Dial-a-Ride!

Read more about their driver Will on the CT Superheroes website.


Lydney Dial-a-Ride

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