We can happily announce CT Sussex as our 4th CT Superhero!

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We’d like to congratulate CT Sussex on becoming our 4th CT Superhero because of the wonderful photos and stories they sent it of the work they do on a daily basis, their work has benefited many people in their local community including Joan & Chris, who have written a lovely piece about how reliant they are on this invaluable service. Have a read below about the spirit of community transport services.

After 28 years driving buses on our public transport system, my work for CT Sussex in Horsham enables me to carry on being active and meeting new people in my retirement. I especially appreciate the warm welcome and thanks that I always get from the visitors and staff at our local adult social care centre, which is one of my regular routes.

I started my employment with Crawley Community Transport as a school escort just over 8 years ago, and also started working in the office and became Depot Manager last year. This is a very rewarding role although some days it can also be a little bit challenging but this only makes the job more interesting.
Depot Manager is a role which I particularly enjoy as it is good to be involved with all aspects of the Community Transport Service, in particular the interaction with the clients who use our service is always a pleasure, and it is good to know that they value our service and that we are benefiting the local community.
Working as part of a team with all the other staff, drivers, escorts and office staff make coming into work each day a delight.

Joan & Chris:
We have used Dial-A-Ride since the first day it started. Joan is registered severely disabled, hence the importance of the service offered. Dial-A-Ride is a godsend; it enables us to get shopping and other visits. The drivers are always helpful come rain or shine. In fact we would be lost without the service. We look forward each day as we can get out and see friends and get us out of the house. We will always use the service as long as it is there. When the weather improves we would like to go to Horsham or Nymans, how about trying some trips in the summer. We have no complaints as we have always had great help. Diane has been eager to this cause. Dial-A-Ride is vital to us and this we are grateful for.

We are delighted to announce CT Sussex as our 4th CT Superhero due to their involvement and continued commitment to their community which benefits many people who would have no other means of transport.

Keep up the great work CT Sussex!

CT Sussex are our 4th CT Superhero

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