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Clean transition

From our initial all electric model developed in conjunction with Renault Trucks in 2019, we go in to 2021 with several manufacturer's hybrid & electric vehicles now available to offer as specialist passenger vehicles. These include Renault Trucks, Renault UK, Vauxhall Motors, Ford, Fiat Professional, Peugeot, Mercedes and Maxus UK. With capacities from 5 to 17 seats and 1 to 3 wheelchairs, the variety of possible applications continues to widen.

Working with manufacturers as an Accredited converter Minibus Options is at the forefront in providing specialist passenger vehicles on the cleanest commercial platforms available. Ongoing developments from manufacturers demonstrate a commitment to increasing range and payload at a rate which will see parity with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powered vehicles in the coming decade.

Of course the Road to Zero is not a simple switch from current technology to a fully electric platform. For a few that will be possible, but for most it will mean evaluating the steps between here and the destination and transitioning from existing vehicles to cleanest emission diesel, possibly to hybrid and to full electric as and when technology, infrastructure and economics allow.

Current Hybrid and Electric platforms offer various levels of range and payload, however as yet there are none that can compare directly with a diesel variant. Minibus Options will be pleased to assist Customers in reviewing specifications and recommending the most suitable platform for the application.

Vauxhall Vivaro Life Long Combi L 136PS 100kW


Cab passenger seats:2
Saloon passenger seats:5
Wheelchair passengers:1
Total capacity:8
Passenger access:
Wheelchair access:internal-ramp

Vauxhall Vivaro Life Long Elite L 136PS 100kW Electric


Cab passenger seats:1
Saloon passenger seats:5
Wheelchair passengers:1
Total capacity:7
Passenger access:
Wheelchair access:internal-ramp
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