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Come and visit our showroom and factory

“We’ve always bought our vehicles from Minibus Options, we can go to the Whaley Bridge factory and use the showroom to choose the seats and accessories we want, see similar vehicles in build and specify what we need."

Diane Swift - Manager of the Pilkington Family Trust

Bespoke patient transport solutions

“We got loads of ideas from Minibus Options, and we went to see the company before selecting the design. The eventual outcome was an ingenious box-section mild steel frame with heavy-gauge, transparent polycarbonate panels, which attaches the floor via tracking clamps.....It’s very clever and it has been outstanding in service; we have had some very ill patients who have tried but failed to damage it or hurt themselves. And the price of all this work was very reasonable.”
Paul Wood, Operations Manager at Tascor

Minibus Options, quick to respond

“We both own and lease vehicles. We have leased two minibuses from Minibus Options and we have bought a Minibus Options Iveco Daily conversion from them, which is very attractive. I have to say that all three perform well; to be honest, build quality isn’t something you notice, but you soon notice when trim comes off and the floor lifts. We don’t have these issues with Minibus Options. “Small things do go wrong but Minibus Options is always quick to respond, sorts the problems and doesn’t quibble.

Neville Jephcote, Community Transport Manager for Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC)

Excellent Aftersales care

“We’ve been buying from Minibus Options for ten years; they’re our local supplier, really. With Minibus Options we get excellent aftersales care. Minibuses like the Dambusters Sprinter have a specific purpose and BECT works with Minibus Options to select the ideal base vehicle and interior."
Nick Oddy, BECT’s Transport Manager

You're safe in our hands

“The reason we went to Minibus Options was very simple; they’re very knowledgeable. They know every shift in legislation and assist me so I don’t have to do that research; they even send us bulletins to update us. That whole business of specifying the right piece of equipment is solved when you’re in their hands.”
Jill Gaul, Chief Executive - Norwich Door to Door

Minibus Pro - Video 6 - Offer of Service

Minibuses can be a complicated business.
Hopefully this short series of videos will give you some ideas and perhaps help you to create a basic minibus specification.
To find out more contact our team at support@minibusoptions.co.uk

Minibus Pro - Video 5 - Comfort

Once our minibus passengers have found a suitable space to be accommodated, how do we make sure they are comfortable whilst in transit? Take a look to find out more

"Excellent product and service. Wouldn't hesitate to use or recommend again "

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Driver licences

Not sure if you have the correct licence to drive a Minibus? Click here for some guidance

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Volunteer drivers

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Type approval

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