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Minibus Options, quick to respond

“We both own and lease vehicles. We have leased two minibuses from Minibus Options and we have bought a Minibus Options Iveco Daily conversion from them, which is very attractive. I have to say that all three perform well; to be honest, build quality isn’t something you notice, but you soon notice when trim comes off and the floor lifts. We don’t have these issues with Minibus Options. “Small things do go wrong but Minibus Options is always quick to respond, sorts the problems and doesn’t quibble.

You're safe in our hands

“The reason we went to Minibus Options was very simple; they’re very knowledgeable. They know every shift in legislation and assist me so I don’t have to do that research; they even send us bulletins to update us. That whole business of specifying the right piece of equipment is solved when you’re in their hands.”
Jill Gaul, Chief Executive - Norwich Door to Door