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Pilkington family trust

Back in the 19th century, the people of St Helens were producing a large proportion of Britain’s glass, and the name Pilkington was synonymous with the area.

The family-owned company had achieved a huge reputation by the time the 1960s came and one of the Pilkington brothers actually invented the process we still use to make window glass – by floating the liquid glass in a bath of molten tin, which ensured it emerged perfectly flat. It was a company which, very early on, took care of its employees.

“We got loads of ideas from Minibus Options, and we went to see the company before selecting the design. The eventual outcome was an ingenious box-section mild steel frame with heavy-gauge, transparent polycarbonate panels, which attaches the floor via tracking clamps.....It’s very clever and it has been outstanding in service; we have had some very ill patients who have tried but failed to damage it or hurt themselves. And the price of all this work was very reasonable.”
Paul Wood, Operations Manager at Tascor

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