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Minibus Options, quick to respond

“We both own and lease vehicles. We have leased two minibuses from Minibus Options and we have bought a Minibus Options Iveco Daily conversion from them, which is very attractive. I have to say that all three perform well; to be honest, build quality isn’t something you notice, but you soon notice when trim comes off and the floor lifts. We don’t have these issues with Minibus Options. “Small things do go wrong but Minibus Options is always quick to respond, sorts the problems and doesn’t quibble.

Excellent Aftersales care

“We’ve been buying from Minibus Options for ten years; they’re our local supplier, really. With Minibus Options we get excellent aftersales care. Minibuses like the Dambusters Sprinter have a specific purpose and BECT works with Minibus Options to select the ideal base vehicle and interior."
Nick Oddy, BECT’s Transport Manager

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