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• Minibus Options have been designing and building custom built minibuses since 1986.
• All our vehicles are bespoke, based on your requirements. If we can't meet your specification, we will happily recommend another supplier who can.
• We have a dedicated conversion facility at Whaley Bridge with more than 30 staff.
• 85% of our Minibus sales are with existing customers, this is due to our expert specification design, excellent build quality and after sales service which is second to none.
• We are experts in legislation and the requirements for meeting European Type Approval. This means that we can offer thousands of solutions using any European Base vehicle as the starting point.
• We are approved converters for Volkswagen, Renault, Fiat, Iveco and Vauxhall and have long standing professional agreements with Mercedes, Ford and Peugeot.
• Our long term relationships with all the major European manufacturers mean that we can offer some of the best discounts in the UK.

All Minibus Options minibuses achieve Type Approval certification.

Several converters today will offer you vehicles built to meet the 1986 construction and use standards, by carrying out a conversion to a pre-registered van. These standards are now over 30 years old.
It is illegal to offer for sale a vehicle which should be Type Approved which is not Type Approved.

If your vehicle does not have Type Approval certification, you may end up with a nasty surprise, for example:
• Will the seats and seatbelts work correctly during an accident?
• In the event of an accident, the emergency exits as required by Type Approval regulations will not be there.
• If the loop hole is retrospectively closed, your vehicle will fail its next MOT
• Hopefully your local council will not request to see the Type Approval certificate
• Hopefully someone will want to pay you a fair price when you want to dispose of your vehicle
• In the event of an accident, could you be held liable for knowingly purchasing a vehicle not built to the correct standards?

Additionally, you will also find convertors who Type Approve a standard Minibus and subsequently add wheelchair access to the vehicle. This is another method of avoiding the correct approval process. Wheelchair accessible minibuses which have been tested correctly will state the number of Wheelchair positions on the Type Approval certificate.