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Would you like to come and visit our showroom?

Simply download and complete the form below and contact us for an authorisation code before you travel. After your showroom visit, we will reimburse your travel expenses based on the following conditions

1) We will pay either
a) the cost of fuel for one vehicle to make a return journey from its usual base (on the UK mainland) to Whaley Bridge & back. This fuel claim must be reasonable and usually supported by fuel receipts
b) the cost of a second class return rail ticket for up to two persons (limited by the number of persons attending the meeting), from a UK mainland railway station near to your operational base, by a reasonably direct route to Whaley Bridge & back. Used tickets or a National rail receipt must support the claim

2) The intention to make a claim must be made at the time of making the appointment

3) It will be necessary to complete a form (prior to the visit), which requests information about the persons visiting, their organisation and the purpose of the visit

4) The purpose of the visit must be to investigate the acquisition (purchase, hire, lease) of a new vehicle of a type that could be supplied by Minibus Options Ltd., or for some other purpose that is agreed in writing beforehand

5) Eligibility to a successful claim will be entirely at the discretion of Minibus Options Ltd

Download your form here - Claim form

Driver licences

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Type approval

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