Custom built Minibuses for sale


Minibus Options are one of the leading wheelchair accessible minibus suppliers in the UK. Formed in 1986, we have supplied over 5000 minibuses to many organisations all over the United Kingdom.

We specialise in wheelchair accessible minibuses but also design and build outreach minibuses (such as mobile youth clubs and mobile offices), fixed seat school minibuses and prisoner transport minibuses.

Custom built Minibuses tend to have a lead time of around 6 months, however if you Need A Bus Now, we always have a fresh supply of used Minibuses for sale, either ex-contract hire minibuses or part exchanges. We also have a rolling stock program of brand new minibuses for sale. Please see the stock list below.

Minibus Options offer used and new minibuses for sale. We can offer modifications to any of these minibuses to suit your individual requirements. If you are looking for a minibus which is not featured on this stock list, please call us to discuss your minibus specification.

V number Seats Number of wheelchairs Available Specification
V17119A01 New Un-Registered Ford Transit 470 Minibus (V17119A01) For Sale 17
+VAT Specification NABN 17119
V17342A01 New Un-Registered Renault Master LHL45TW Minibus (V17342A01) For Sale 17
+VAT V17342A01 Vehicle Spec
V17695A01 New Un-Registered Fiat Ducato L4 Minibus (V17695A01) For Sale 17
+VAT V17695A01 Vehicle Spec
V17510A01 New Un-Registered Renault Master LM35 Minibus (17510A01) For Sale 14
+VAT Vehicle description V17510
V17831A01 New Un-Registered Vauxhall Movano Minibus (17831A01) For Sale 14
+VAT Vehicle description V17831
V17388A01 Ex demo Registered Fiat Ducato Minibus (V17388A01) for sale 17
+VAT Specification NABN17388
V17721A01 New Un-Registered Renault Master LM35 Minibus (17721A01) For Sale 17 June
+VAT Specification NABN 17721
V17465A01 New Un-Registered Renault Master LM35 Minibus (17465A01) For Sale 17 NOW
+VAT V17465A01 Vehicle Spec
V17503A01 Registered Volkswagen Crafter CR50 Maxi Minibus (V17503A01) for sale 17
+VAT V17503A01 Vehicle Spec
V17652A01 New Un-registered Ford Transit 460 Minibus (V17652A01) For Sale 17 July
+VAT V17652A01 Vehicle Spec
V17653A01 New Un-registered Ford Transit 410 Minibus (V17653A01) For Sale 14 July
+VAT V17653A01 Vehicle Spec
V17502A01 Registered Volkswagen Crafter CR35 Maxi Minibus (V17502A01) for sale 12
+VAT Minibus specification
V17019A01 Registered Renault Master LM35 Minibus (V17019A01) for sale 9
+VAT V17019 specification