Charity Buyers

Whether you are a small band of volunteers or a large corporate styled charity, the ultimate aim for a procurement strategy will be to secure the best value from your purchase.

Best value for a minibus means a product which meets its purpose, is built to a standard which ensures longevity and is supported in use to ensure continuation of service.

Our core philosophy is to deliver value by helping charities achieve cost effective mobility, which meets both the budget available and operational requirements.

From a spending point of view, the lower the cost the better. From an operational point of view a minibus needs to be designed to meet the needs of its passengers, which in turn helps a charity deliver its service. The cheapest product is rarely the right one where passengers require mobility assistance.

Our unique approach leads a customer through a process which aims first to understand the exact job the vehicle will be required to perform. This assessment service will usually range through the practical needs of the passengers, likely operating conditions, requirements for drivers, legal and construction and use constraints, and funding options. Only once these points are qualified do we begin to recommend vehicle make, access equipment, seating layout and appropriate ancillary fittings.

Since 1986 we have used this process to help thousands of customers to find a vehicle which fits their needs exactly.

As a fleet buyer of vehicles we are able to negotiate significant discounts with manufacturers which allow us to make a new minibus as affordable as possible. In addition to this we are able to offer leasing options and hire purchase schemes specifically tailored to charity operations.

In order to provide peace of mind we invite customers to our unique showroom facility to see first hand the options available and to visit our production facility next door to see dozens of vehicles in various stages of build. This might mean a day out of the office, but we can guarantee that this will be a day well spent. And what’s more, we provide an assistance program for charities whereby we will pay for the cost of one vehicle to make the journey, or for 2 standard return rail fares and we will provide lunch for you and your team.

Visits to our facility are by appointment only so please contact the office to book your preferred day.

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