Let us help you by bringing certainty to your vehicle provision in the coming years.

Organisations who lease already understand the benefits such as fixed monthly payments and peace of mind from a well maintained vehicle. Contracts include roadside assistance and our team are on hand throughout to provide technical back up to keep you informed and your vehicle on the road.

The added benefit of leasing a vehicle from 2020 onwards is that the risk of residual values is taken by the contract provider. In the past, experienced operators knew that they could outright purchase a vehicle and sell it back into the market having calculated the expected depreciation. In some cases this meant that Fleet Managers were able to buy a vehicle, manage the servicing and maintenance throughout operation and sell the vehicle in later years often saving money against the cost of a comparable lease. With the introduction of legislation intended to move the UK toward zero emission transportation and the advent of Hybrid and Electric vehicles, this means that the diesel minibus you buy today could depreciate to zero value within the lifespan of operation.

Contract length can be anywhere between 6 and 60 months subject to your requirements.

Where maintenance is included in a contract this covers all manufacturer services and ongoing maintenance including tyres as occasioned by fair wear and tear.

Various ownership options including leasing & hire purchase are available to all customers.

In recent years leasing has become a popular option because of the advantage of fixed monthly costs and peace of mind that regular service and maintenance is undertaken to ensure operational integrity and avoid any unexpected vehicles off road due to poor upkeep.

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