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We have been supplying School minibuses since 1986. The design of the school Minibus has changed significantly in this time, but the remit remains the same – functional, robust and affordable. Minibus Options have developed a range of school Minibuses to suit a multitude of applications.

Whether you need a minibus to suit volunteer drivers or you need a multifunctional minibus designed to suit outward bounds, European travel or with wheelchair access, we have minibuses available to suit. Should you have a specialist requirement we can go through our usual bespoke service to design a minibus from scratch, taking into account the day to day use and the variable needs of passengers, luggage and equipment.

Whether you are the operator or the finance provider, the process of choosing a school minibus can seem daunting: not only are there the legalities of ownership and use, but then the myriad of minibuses to choose from. We can guide you through the process to help you find a minibus that suits your operational needs and budget.

We have exclusive terms with base vehicle manufacturers that allow us to offer the best minibus for the job at an affordable price.

Don’t take our word for it, contact one of the team with your enquiry.