There are many styles of saloon seat, from a selection of manufacturers. A large number are on display in our showroom.
The seat choices offer different heights of backrest, cushion widths, and varying depths of contour.
The saloon seats may be trimmed in cloth, to match the drivers seat, or vinyl to colour choice.

A popular option is for the backrest to be trimmed in cloth, with a fabric effect vinyl to thecushion. For extra hardwearing applications a
moquette trim may be specified. Moquettes are available in a wide colour and pattern choice, and cab seats can be retrimmed to match.
Whatever seat style is selected it is necessary to review the required seat plan, ensuring adequate kneeroom and gangway dimensions for the typical passenger to be catered for.

The number of seats required will effectively dictate the size of vehicle and its weight.
Where removable seats are selected (usually to provide wheelchair spaces), these are mounted in low profile tracking, with “anti-rattle”, quick release, lockable seat fixtures. A number of choices of which are available.

Consider headrests to all passenger seats, to reduce the likelihood of whiplash and other similar injuries, in the event of an accident.
Seat grab handles can assist passengers up from their seat, or along the gangway.
These might be stand alone items or integral to the headrest.


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