At Minibus Options, we’ve engineered some solutions to very specific stowage requests – including bicycles.
In any vehicle, ensuring the secure stowage of luggage, restraint systems and any special luggage such as sports equipment is
vital; apart from the obvious need for clear gangways, such objects can become missiles in the event of a collision.

There are a huge number of options for stowage, many of which can be engineered specifically for the customer, but
commonly you will need stowage for all tie-down webbing and clamps, and on many vehicles, for passenger’s hand luggage.
For regular carriage of, for example, sports teams, a boot may be the best solution, though a roof rack may be useful for
outdoor sports equipment.

The location and space available for stowage depends on the vehicle and the seating layout, but most designs have a ‘spare
corner’ in which a simple restraint stowage box can be fi tted. You could even have additional side mounted tracking fi tted to
attach spare webbing.

Here are a few examples of stowage solutions – but ask if what you want isn’t shown!


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